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Jrock Role Playing _ World

I wanna be you

8/25/05 09:45 am - obscure_prophet - Another log. ^^

Read more...Collapse )

8/20/05 10:49 am - obscure_prophet - Loggage~!

To meet this fucker was a waste of time but this is a small world...

//You look genki enough...//Collapse )

8/20/05 08:53 am - obscure_prophet

Alright this is another update...since some of you are online but others aren't I need to know who is all here for the comm and who is not here anymore. You can post here or IM me. Thank you.

8/20/05 08:22 am - obscure_prophet

Alright! One of your mods is back! which mean Kyo is in effect....>.> be prepared for I may IM you...or my bastard will do it.

8/11/05 01:09 pm - bleu_bunny

I don't kniow if I remembered to tell you guys this or not, buuuut. My Kyouka journal for this paticular RPG has been changed. XD;;; -kicked-

So! madprincekyouka (possibly no "u" I can't remember and am too lazy to check. :B )

Thats all! ^_^

7/18/05 12:51 pm - kiyoharu_desu

[I'm sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but for the next maybe two weeks, Mel, or Sakura-mun, won't be active for a little while, as her koi and just passed away unexpectedly. She is going to spend some time with some of our good friends in Tokyo, but until then, everyone wish her happieness, as she isn't doing very well. The only reason why she wouldn't be taking more time off from the rpg is, and she asked me to explain this, is because she wants to be someone else. This is horrible. I'm done now.]

7/17/05 12:09 am - naossu_ - [Drop]

[I'm sorry everyone, I know we're just starting out, but because of things at home, I am going to have to drop this rpg. ;-; *Huggles Nao-muse and cries* Maybe some day I will return. But until then, Ja~!]

7/14/05 01:29 am - bleu_bunny - OOC

Toshiya and Kyouka will be on tmeporary hiatus due to Ikasu con. :D So they'll be dead until Sunday. O_o; (Okay not really dead, but...)

I'll be doing a Kyouka cosplay at Ikasu, so when I get back if anyone wants to see it, I'll be happy to share. :P Just IM me or something. (-insert lots of bragging about how proud I am of my cosplay here.-)

7/13/05 08:25 am - naossu_ - Hiatus Note

[This is a note of my hiatus for Nao. Due to things at home I will not be on for a little while. It shouldn't be too long. At longest it may last a week. Otherwise, I will be online at times, but I will not be rpging with anyone. Thanks.]

7/12/05 08:30 pm - kiyoharu_desu - >.

[Sorry, everyone, first I had internet connection problems, but now my computer has really low virtual memory and won't let me do anything at all on it. Usually, I'd get on my dad's computer, but he did some crazy shit to his and it won't even turn on. I'm on my 12 yr old sis's computer to post this. My comp has begun to be fixed, but prolly won't be working right again until tomorrow morning. Sorry I haven't been too much of a mod, or have been online lately, but I haven't had a to do anything >< I REALLY hope there are more logs when I get back >P

~Chelsea/kiyoharu-mun/gackt-mun/ mod ]
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