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To meet this fucker was a waste of time but this is a small world...

Kyo: -the vocalist was walking down the street..on his mind was cigarettes. //people everywhere...great.// as he finally made it towards his favorite shop going inside to so he can finally calm his nicatine(sp) craving.-

Gackt: *Today wasn't very sunny, so Gackt had decided to take a walk, and on that walk, he got thirsty. So, being close to a small store that had tiny things like that, he headed that way to claim his drinkage*

Kyo: -Finally having a pack in his hand he was opening it as he walked out the door. Since he was craving for one badly, his attention was more onto getting one of the cigarettes in his mouth than if someone was comming into the store-

Gackt: *He could be a little simple-minded at times, and was paying attention to the cracks in the ground, as he walked into the tiny store for his drink. He didn't notice the shorter man walking towards him. *

Kyo: -As soon as he was putting the sweet cigarette into his mouth he then instantly he found himself crashing into a tall man, he didn't fall but he was moved back a couple feet. //What the fuck!// he growled then found out who he had mashed into- Did you just learn how to fucking walk?

Gackt: *He blinked, amost in a shock* I could ask you the same thing. . . *Gackt felt tall standing over him*

Kyo: -Looking up at him which he had to do to alot of people but he was use to it. the cigarette that was in his mouth was broken and part of it fell to the floor- You own me a new pack.

Gackt: *Gackt was suprised at his response* But that was only one cigarette, and this is just as much of your fault as it is mine. *He held a hand to his chest and he said 'mine'*

Kyo: I bought a pack of cigerettes that has 20 in the pack. Now I didn't get a chance to smoke that one. *he looked at the broken bits that was on the floor then looked back up again* Plus the person that is comming inside is surpose to watch if someone is comming out of the store. There is only one fucking door. //Damn...did this guy just became an adult or some shit.//

Gackt: *He shrugged. Gackt didn't really see other people's problem as a big deal. Although he probably would have if it had happened to him* Why can't you just take one of my cigarettes?

Kyo: Fine. -//well this guy surprises me....he is smart.//

Gackt: *He takes his time pulling out his own pack of smokes and yanking out TWO of them, handing them down to the other man* Here, you can even have two. I can always buy more. *He smiled*

Kyo: -taking them from him. putting one back into his pack and one between his lips- thanks....

Gackt: Your welcome. *He pasued, now putting a hand to his chin, looking thoughtful* You look familiar. . . Kyo-san? Of Dir en Grey, maybe?

Kyo: -bring a lighter up to the cigarette. he lights it and looks at the man once agian- Your not one of those really genki fans are you? -something about this happy looking fellow made him think....//who the hell are you?//-

Gackt: In shock once again, he took a step back* I'm no ones fan. I am Gackt. *He stood tall and proud, now needing a cigarette, so he pulled one out, also lighting his own*

Kyo: -//well your genki enough....should I squash that ego....// he nodded- Ah now you look more familar to me.

Gackt: Do I? *he rested his body weight onto one foot, awaiting how he looks familiar*

Kyo: yeah...-was the only answer that came from his mouth. what more did he want him to say.-

Gackt: *He blinked again* Yeah? *Shrugging, he took a long drag* Just yeah?

Kyo: Right...yeah. What more you want me to say? -Just a bit annoyed as he blew the smoke out of his mouth.

Gackt: *He blinks yet again* You don't know from where?

Kyo: Your a part of that group...or something called Gacktjob. right?

Gackt: Hai. *He smiled and nodded, he would of been scared if he didn't know who he was*

Kyo: -//oi...he is that guy that was dancing in with people in cat the hell did we bump into each other...//- I thought so...

Gackt: *He sighs* Yep. Well, I'm going to go buy a drink now. *Smiles again as he begins to walk past Kyo*

Kyo: -He nods and then walks out the door finally able to go somewhere else //time....wasted.//-

[XD wahahaha]

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