Kyo (京) (obscure_prophet) wrote in jrockrpg_world,
Kyo (京)

Another log. ^^

Gackt: *Having just ordered a small glass of red wine in the small pub, he thought that the bar didn't suit him, that he needed to go sit at a table in the corner. Tossing some money down, he got up from the stool and began to make his way across the room, glass in hand*

Kyo: -To be honest Kyo was there because he was surpose to be meeting one of his band mates there, as he continued to smoke the cigarette he waited simply irrated //where the fuck are you!// as he sat at a table that was close by the table that was in the corner-

Gackt: *Walking on, just about to reach the small empty table in the corner, only feet away, some random drunk bumps into him, causing him not only to bump into another person, but to spill his drink as well* Damnit. . . Sir, watch where, you're walking. *He told the other guy, who stumbled away*

Kyo: -To all the luck...that drink landed right on Kyo, who jumped up- WHAT THE FUCK -he yelled then turned to see who owned that drink-

Gackt: *Gackt stood tall over Kyo once again, blinking* Oh. . .shit.

Kyo: -Once again he found himself looking up to Gackt, he growled- You have a mental problem don't you...//You stupid fucker!//

Gackt: *He blinked again* No, I don't. I was going to say I was sorry, but it's looks as though no matter what I say, it won't do any good.

Kyo: This is the second time I have seen you and now this time your drink is all over me! Damn it! -he gritted his teeth and stared at him- Are you out to get me!

Gackt: *He shook his head slowly* No. If I wanted to stalk someone, I'd pick someone else by far. *He reached in his pocket and pulled out a tissue like cloth and handed it down to Kyo* Here.

Kyo: -Snatching it from him and wiped his face //I could kill him right now...I really could//- Whom ever you stalk in your personal time, do you drop things onto them also. -the vocalist looked like he could just choke the life out of the other-

Gackt: *Shakes his head again* No. I wouldn't want them to know that I was stalking them. It would be pointless to do so.

Kyo: By you fucking saying that makes me still think that your stalking me! You Ass! -he took the cloth and threw it at him, he cringed- Damnit now I smell like wine or what ever the hell you was drinking!

Gackt: Trust me, I have better taste than that. *He takes the tissue with two fingers like it's infected with something and drops it into a trash can* And it's a good thing you're not wearing white.

Kyo: have better taste. If your taste consists of your band in fucking cat suits then that is very tasteful. - he smirked- Sorry white really is not in my warobe that much.

Gackt: Kyo-san, that was years ago. *He waved it off* Well maybe you should wear white, it tends to make things look bigger as black makes things look smaller.

Kyo: Look asshole don't tell me what to wear...I rather be my height then to have my head in the clouds along with my ego up my ass!

Gackt: I rather have an ego than not have one at all. *He crossed his arms* And I would appreciate it if you didn't use such nasty langauge. *He downed whatever was left of his wine*

Kyo: I can use whatever language I want you jackass! -he growled and stepped up to him-

Gackt: *Stands up straight, being as tall as he could get. He glared, towering over Kyo* Why must you resort to name calling?

Kyo: heh because it is what I don't doubt that I can't knock you to your dickweed -he smirked as he looked up at Gackt-

Gackt: *His eyes widen* Now you're trying to resort this to violence. Kyo-san, I'm in no mood. What do you want? Money for new clothes or something? *Gackt seems to be more talk and less action ^^;*

Kyo: I don't need your shows smpythany(sp), what I want to do is kick your ass but I am not going to do that and calling me Kyo-san may just change my mind.....//you stupid genki fucker...// Your talking about a mood...I was already pissed at someone that was surpose to be here and now you made it worse....also if you didn't know but I am the essesnce of violence. -he continued to smirk in a evil way-

Gackt: It's not my fault that your friend didn't show up, but I can see why they didn't. *He almost looked startled by Kyo's evil smirking*

Kyo: I said you made it worse! Your so fucking dense! You did wasted wine all over me! Damn! YOU NEED TO //MURDER!!!!// -balled his fist up as his eyes seemed to turn red, he was close...just one more push and Gackt....mun keeps quiet-

Gackt: Need to what? *arms still crossed, seriously not getting it, as Gackt rarely understood other people. . .because no one understood him*

Kyo: -gritting his teeth, Kyo got the power to deck him in the eye- GOD YOU FUCKING GENKI MOTHERFUCKER! YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL OR SOMETHING! -He moved him out of his way and started towards the door-

Gackt: *Gackt takes a step back, to not fall over from the power that is Kyo, completely at awe, and he watches him head out, making sure he was gone before he moved or spoke another word*

Kyo: -Slamming the door open Kyo grunted- If I see him one more time I will choke him....-he walked down the street to go home-

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