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Character: Miyavi
Character's Band: Solo
Character's lj Name: Miyabi-No-Hana
Character's AIM Name: XXLike a dollXX
Sample Post:

Miyavi coughed as a soap bubble slowly made it’s way into his mouth. He had been in the bathtub for over an hour, only splashing around and creating more of a mess with bubbles and shampoo spilling all over the floor. He let out a smirk when he saw another bottle of dish washing soap on the counter… all alone. He extended his hand and dumped the whole bottle into the tub, kicking his feet and rolling aorund so that the bubbles would form. He didn’t realize that the water was seeping through the carpet, and damaging the wood beneath it all. Water was dripping down onto the next apartment, making them terrible upset. He only gasped when he heard a knocking at his door. With a sigh he shrugged and began mixing again.
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[Sorry, internet hasn't been working >< But I know how to fix it now! XD Won't be having that problem anymore.

~Chelsea/ Kiyoharu-mun/ Gackt-mun]
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Character Name: Takumi
Band Character is from: PANIC☆ch
Character Journal: Doll_Like_Lover
AIM: XXLike a DollXX
Sample Post:
The rain began pounding onto the shingled roof Takumi lay beneath, snuggled under his large, comfortable bed. He felt so sick thinking about his friend leaving the band. This wasn’t just a band to him… it was his life… and Tara played a big role in it. His ear rang as a clash of thunder shook the house. If only Takumi would have payed more attention to Tara… if only he took more care of him before his problem got to this extent. He sighed, looking up at the ceiling and counting the little dots that covered it like chicken pocks on a toddler.
“He will be just fine.”
He smiled halfly, trying to think for the best of things. He knew it wouldn’t get any better though.

Comments: (I keep you in my prayers, Tara San. ♥)


[ Ello everyone ^^,

Since I have a small problem at the moment with Internet access I want to welcome, your new mod xemiru_ribbonsx. She is going to help out and has already done at lot of work. The userinfo looks great. </span>


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    ~Your Update brought to you by Kyo-mun~

^^ ello. First of all I want to say thank you to

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for joining the comm, you all are <3ed! Excuse the comm for not looking better. I have not been feeling to well, an all the graphics are not finished as I thought they would have been. Me and Kiyoharu-mun want you to be proud of this comm and we are working hard so that is achieved. As we have stated before have fun and talk to other people! Mingle I say..don't make me have Kyo attack you!


There are none....;____;


There is none here also...;_____;

Added rules!

Once I get more time for the net, this will be entered into the userinfo also.

GODMODING,NPCING, AND POWER PLAYING! We will give you a warning and if you do it again, then your character is kicked out. No if's..and's or but's about it.

Do not control other's characters unless you have the permission to do so. Also let the mods know that your taking over for someone elses character for the time being like for a month or longer. ^^

Your journals...should be updated within three months of your previous update. Three months! >.> that's fair also it can be short like for instance "Bored....". If  you do not update within three months then your journal and character will be consider unactive and deleted from the comm or if you have problems with family or something is going in your life that is causing you not to be able to update then either let me or Kiyoharu-mun know. We know that life is not revoled around rpging and you do have things that have to be done. You may post in the comm with you character's journal or email us. Note- Also logs count as an journal entry! The mods are not monsters...crazy..maybe but not monsters. XD

Please check the claims list on the userinfo to see who has been claimed or not been claimed or on hold...If Gackt is taken then he is taken..no Malice Mizer Gackt or Vanilla Gackt...that is just confusing and we don't want to deal with things like that.

If there is anything that is dealing with your character and it was apart of your log or something then it can be posted here, just put it under a cut please, that also goes for logs too.

Alright that's the end of that...I feel like I am sounding like my mother for the moment. >.<

Random moments:

EmbryoDie: =___= I find malls....scary.]
Yukkiesama: Now MALLS are another story, I am more crazy and idiotic ^_^]
EmbryoDie: XD...I got tackled in a mall before.]
Yukkiesama: I've tackled people in the mall before o.0]
EmbryoDie: O.O.....]
EmbryoDie: >.> You would tackle me wouldn't you....]
Yukkiesama: But of course! XPP]

EmbryoDie: I am always the victim!.....well not really!]
Yukkiesama: Hahahahaha! I am the winner! XD]
EmbryoDie: NOOOOOOOO![
Yukkiesama: I love plowing people over XD AND YESH! I AM A WINNER! ^_^V]
Yukkiesama: *cries* . . . .BE THAT WAY >P]
EmbryoDie: *pets* Alright you can win....this time.XD]
Yukkiesama: lol, Wee~! XDD]
EmbryoDie: *shakes head*]
Yukkiesama: Hehee ^_^ I'm so odd. . .]
EmbryoDie: Yes....yes you are. *baps*]
Yukkiesama: O.<]
EmbryoDie: XD wahahahahahahaha!]
Yukkiesama: >PPP]
EmbryoDie: *flies around and sits on your head. then baps again* ........]
Yukkiesama: O.<  GAAAH! *swats*]
EmbryoDie: Hoot!!!!! ]
EmbryoDie: XD]
Yukkiesama: XP]

List of things that needs to be done:

*Finish all graphics for comm and muses journal plus my personal journal.                                                                                                           

Well end of your update with Kyo-mun..

Kyo: About time...you shut the hell up.  

Mun: *throws him into a cage and waves*                                                                                                                                         

[I wanna join~~]

Character Name: Emiru
Character Journal: xemiru_ribbonsx
Band Character is from: Lareine/ RIBBON
AIM: xLareinexEmirux [disc0l3m0nad3]
Sample Post: *Emiru looked around in his fridge, trying to find something to eat, he had been at practice all day and now he was STARVING and sadly, there was nothing in his freezer once again. He really wished his bandmates didn't always steal all of his food because it seemed whenever he was hungry he always had no food.* Man~ *he closed the fridge and flopped down on the couch with a groan* No food again~.
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